President Kennedy's New Frontier

JFKNewly elected President John F. Kennedy declares that the country stands on the edge of a New Frontier of "unfulfilled hopes and dreams." New Frontier becomes the slogan for his domestic and foreign programs, with goals that range from conquering poverty to sending a man to the moon. Urban redevelopment and affordable housing are among the new administration's priorities.

Comprehensive New Housing Legislation

Urban BlightThe Housing Act of 1961, the most comprehensive housing legislation since 1949, is enacted. Its objectives are to improve housing for low- and moderate-income families, reduce urban blight and congestion, and stimulate building activity.

Changes to Fair Labor Standards Act

With strong support from organized labor, amendments to the Fair Labor Standards Act go into effect. This extends minimum wage coverage to 3.6 million more workers, mostly in construction and retail. Minimum wage rates of covered workers are increased.

AFL-CIO's Fourth Biennial Convention

At its fourth biennial convention since the 1955 merger of the AFL and CIO, the AFL-CIO approves a constitutional amendment setting up a procedure for peaceful resolution of jurisdictional disputes between unions. The convention also takes constructive steps to eliminate all vestiges of racial discrimination in labor’s ranks.