Ravitch Named to U.S. Commission

Richard RavitchPresident Lyndon Johnson appoints Richard Ravitch to the U.S. Commission on Urban Problems. Ravitch will later serve as chairman of the AFL-CIO Housing Investment Trust.

Apprenticeship Outreach

AFL-CIO building trades unions establish Apprenticeship Outreach Programs to increase employment opportunities for minority workers in the building and construction trades.

Model Cities Program

The Demonstration Cities and Metropolitan Development Act of 1966 creates the Model Cities program to help improve the quality of life in troubled urban areas. Model Cities provides grants for planning a coordinated approach to urban revitalization. The program is a response to calls for reform of federal programs following widespread urban violence and disillusionment with existing urban renewal programs. HUD Assistant Secretary Floyd Hyde is charged with overseeing the Model Cities program. Hyde will later become chairman and CEO of the AFL-CIO Housing Investment Trust.