Terrorist Attacks

9/11 Terrorist AttackOn the morning of September 11, terrorists launch a series of coordinated suicide attacks against targets in the United States resulting in approximately 3,000 deaths at the World Trade Center in New York City, the Pentagon outside Washington, DC, and the site of a plane crash in Pennsylvania.

HIT's New York City Initiative

AFL-CIO President John Sweeney announces that in response to the September 11 attacks, the HIT will establish a $500 million New York City Community Investment Initiative to help meet the immense need for investment capital in New York following the attacks.

Unions Rally to Aid New York

Unions RallyAmerica's labor community rallies to help create a safety net for union families touched by the September 11 tragedy. Aid includes a Disaster Relief Fund, Labor Support Center, and an Emergency Employment Clearinghouse. Meanwhile, union construction workers from around the country are among those helping to excavate the Twin Towers site in search of the remains of people who perished in the attacks.

Alternatives to FHA Programs

The HIT implements new initiatives to expand investment products and offer alternatives to FHA multifamily insurance programs, whose availability is increasingly limited in the large urban centers where many union members live and work. These include a private mortgage insurance program with the Illinois Housing Development Authority, which enables the HIT to work with the state to finance mixed-income rental housing across Illinois.

Innovative Homeownership Program

HIT HOMEThe HIT launches HIT HOME, a new home mortgage program for union members, designed to make purchasing a home easier. The program offers homebuyer education so first-time homebuyers are well-informed about their financial responsibilities when purchasing a home.